Before arriving at Ark, G had committed a number of offences over 26-year period that included convictions for theft, criminal damage, domestic burglary, possession of a weapon and the use of threatening behaviour. Many of these offences had happened when G was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which caused him to become aggressive and abusive. He had also been driven to commit crime because of the need to finance his drink and drug purchases. 

Whilst in prison, G had begun to self-harm after growing increasingly frustrated and distressed with problems accessing the rehabilitation and addiction support programmes. When it came to his release, his needs and goals for the future ranged from developing positive relationships and finding help with drug and alcohol misuse, to seeking education, training and employment.

G was accepted by Ark Resettlement Services for supported accommodation, where he was assigned a Key Worker who helped to set up appointments with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, as well as helping with basic day-to-day struggles that were making his transition back into the community difficult. G also received non-judgemental support when he relapsed, and with the help of Ark was able to return to his abstinence strategy.

Through one-to-one key working sessions, G was able to explore things in his life such as poverty, unemployment and homelessness that may have contributed to his insecurities, instabilities and inability to cope in the past. Over the course of his time with Ark, G says that he has developed greater insight into his behaviour and is now setting his sights on finding employment. His next objective is doing some voluntary work and he has expressed interest in working in a support kitchen.

“I would give Ark Resettlement Services 10 out of 10. If it wasn’t for Ark I wouldn’t be where I am.”