S had been sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for Conspiracy to Sell Prohibited Weapons and Conspiracy to Sell Ammunition. When discussing the causes behind his offending behaviour, S stated that the area that he had been living in was rough and that large gangs of youths would congregate in the area. S’s offending behaviour tended to revolve around financial gain and occurred when S’s finances were limited. 

Whilst in prison S lost contact with the children he had had with his ex-wife and the child he had with a recent partner. This was a significant factor in S’s depression. On release, S was having to rebuild his life, and it took some time for him to re-adjust to life in the community after an extended period in prison.

Whilst at Ark, S was supported to acquire several personal fitness qualifications and began to work as a self-employed personal fitness instructor. Ark’s Resettlement Officers worked with S to reconnect with his children and this supported S to improve his mental wellbeing. 

A therapeutic relationship developed between S and his Key Worker that supported S through his periods of depression. However, S began to become dependent on the support and life he had whilst living within supported accommodation. Resettlement Officers worked with S to help him become more independent, improve his self-confidence and to move into private rented accommodation. S now lives in his own accommodation, is successful as a self-employed personal trainer and his depression has significantly improved.